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celebrating Christmas in

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Christmas is the most important holiday in the U.S.. It is celebrating on December 25. The tradition of celebrating Christmas in the United States appeared in the late XIX century.

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Americans love Christmas and all the traditional cooking related. In the U.S. people like to decorate homes. Outwardly, they put figures that glow at night. These figures depict winter scenes with snowmen, reindeer or biblical heroes.

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On Christmas Eve each family gathers at their parents' house. Before sit down you should read a prayer. Then americans must eat the sacred bread. Then they drink red wine, eat soup with cabbage, homemade sausage with garlic and necessary fish. On the table also must be green peas and prunes. Stuffed turkey is the main dish of Americans with Scottish roots

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main dish for Christmas
Ukraine| Kutya
U.S.| Stuffed turkey

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After a celebratory dinner following the most enjoyable part of the celebration. That's when all unfold and see their gifts.