Презентація "Global ecological problems of the Earth"

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Global ecological problems of the Earth

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The main problems are:

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Ozone layer is a protecting layer of our planet. It protects us from UV and other high radiation. But Ozone layer has holes.

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The planet without ozone layer.

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Global warming is sometimes referred as the greenhouse effect. It means that atmosphere becomes warmer.

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Water is necessary for our life. all organisms contain it, some drink it and some live in it.

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Air is the most essential element for all living. but people play a big role on it`s polluting. Asthma, cancer, acid rains are only a few causes of air pollution.

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Land is our home. but our home is in a big trouble and needs “first aid”. The land is very dirty. it is full of litter.

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There are many different groups which try to find solutions to the problems of pollution at the national and international level.

Слайд #10
Protect and save the nature!!!
Remember the three R`s: reduce, reuse, recycle!!!!
Put your litter in the bin!!!
Never cut down baby trees!!!
Don`t hurt animals!!!
Protect wildlife, plants and trees!!!
Feed birds in winter!!!
Plant trees and flowers!!!

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Be a friend to the nature!!!