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Georgian cuisine

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Georgian cuisine refers to the cooking styles and dishes with origins in the nation of Georgia and prepared by Georgian people around the world.

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The importance of both food and drink to Georgian culture is the best observed during a feast called supra, when a huge assortment of dishes are prepared, always accompanied by large amounts of wine, and that can last for hours.

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soup kharcho
classical georgian chikhirtma
Georgian vegetable soups almost no thicker. Kharcho is the National Georgian beef soup with rice and walnuts on a special acid-based. Classical Georgian chikhirtma consists of chicken, wheat flour, mint, cinnamon and spices drugh.

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lula kebab
Georgian meat dishes can be made of pork, lamb, beef and poultry.
Georgian barbecue made from lamb and spices. Lula kebab is minced meat threaded on a skewer and roasted on the grill. It is made mostly of minced lamb.
Georgian barbecue

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Adzharske hachapurі
Georgian cuisine is unimaginable without products from the dough, such as khinkali and khachapuri. Khachapuri pride of Georgia.

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Imereti cheese
Cheese in Georgia is an integral part of the national cuisine. They are prepared in jars and skins and used as a snack and as an ingredient for food and cakes.

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Georgian cuisine is an abundance of all kinds of spices, seasonings, sauces. Georgian cuisine use spise for taste.

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Alcoholic drinks from Georgia include chacha and Georgian wine. Wine culture in Georgia dates back thousands of years, and many Georgian wines are made from traditional Georgian grape varieties

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