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Water pollution

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Nowadays, the environment is polluted in many ways: water pollution air pollution, soil pollution.

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Water pollution is one of the famous and one of the largest problems in our world
People in Africa can not drink clean water,their children die because a big part of our water has been polluted.

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The factory released waste in water and fish are die

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Water pollute killed animals and plants too

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Many rivers and lakes are poisoned now
The most water pollutants are chemical,biological and phesical materials.

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The most dirty river in the world is Tsitarum. This river located in Indonesia.

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All this is very harmful to our planet…
How can we protect our planet?

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First, we need to cleanse the planet of garbage.

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Second, we need to restore nature. Plant trees.

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Third, the use of eco- friendly cars.

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We can save the planet!

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Thank you for your attention!