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Theory of decision-making
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Main stages

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Motivation to decide
Consistency Theory: we seek the comfort of internal alignment.
Commitment: we feel obliged to complete a public commitment.
Confirmation Bias: we seek confirmation that we made a good decision.
Scarcity Principle: we anticipate regret and so want what is scarce. 
Sunk-Cost Effect: we are reluctant to pull out of an investment.

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Thinking process
Ambiguity Effect: We prefer a known probability to an unknown one.
Bias Blind Spot: We do not compensate enough for our own bias.
Heuristic-Systematic Persuasion Model: We either use short-cuts or logic to interpret arguments.
Hyperbolic discounting: We prefer short-term benefits.

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Information Bias: Seeking facts when making decision, even when they are irrelevant.
Information Processing Theory: Persuasion requires attention and comparison with previous views.
Source Credibility: Who we are likely to believe.
Unconscious Thought Theory: Letting your unconscious
do the thinking.

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Augmenting Principle: evidence for a decision is accumulative.
Bounded Rationality: we only use limited logic in decisions.
Bias Correction: Well-meaning over-compensation.
Explanatory Coherence: we like simple, explainable hypotheses.
Perceptual Contrast Effect: we decide by comparing things.
Priming: Setting up memory to be used later.

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Filter Theory: we make choices through a series of selection filters.
Involvement: when we are involved we need more information.
Multi-Attribute Choice: we use various strategies for different types of choice.
Mere Exposure Theory: simple exposure makes us like things more.
Self-Determination Theory: External and internal motivation.

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Square Descartes
What will be if this happens?
What won’t be if this happens?
What will be if this doesn’t happen?
What won’t be if this doesn’t happen?

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