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Christmas & New Year in Ukraine

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Christmas is a wonderful holiday, it’s a feast of Christ’s birth and it’s celebrated on the eve of 7th of January. In some areas was used the pre-Christian name of the feast — Koliada. The Christmas Eve is considered as the most interesting part of Christmas as it has ritual and magic acts aimed at ensuring a good harvest and a life of plenty. Caroling is a characteristic feature of the feast, it expresses respect for the master of the house and his children, and sometimes it’s accompanied by a puppet theatre (vertep). The religious festival lasts three days and involves Christmas liturgies, caroling, visiting and entertaining relatives and acquaintances. The Christmas tree was adopted from Western Europe, but today it’s the element of the New Year celebration in Ukraine.

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Holy supper
The «holy supper» on Christmas Eve is a meal of 12 ritual meatless and milkless dishes. The order of the dishes and dishes themselves aren’t uniform everywhere. In the Hutsul region, for example, the dishes were served in the following order: beans, fish, boiled potato, dumplings, cabbage rolls, kutya, potatoes mashed with garlic, stewed fruit, plums with beans and some other dishes.

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Holy Supper
Singing Carols

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There is one of the best ukraianan carols – “Schedrik-Schedrik”

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Celebrating New Year
New Year - is the only Slavic feast which is celebrated at the state level in Ukraine. Celebrating New Year in Ukraine combines the most joyful feelings associated with peace, love and understanding. This holiday in Ukraine is associated with new beginnings, many gifts, the implementation of the deepest wishes in the coming year. New Year, like many other holidays in Ukraine, has its roots in antiquity. There are many traditions of celebrating of the New Year in Ukraine; they changed, as the century changed. Most of them are borrowed from western culture. This is due to the advent of Christianity in the Slavic land and innovation of Emperor Peter I, who moved the official date of New Year celebrations from January 13 to January 1.  

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TraditionsOne prepares by the New Year in advance. There is prepared a festive table, decorated the Christmas tree toys. New Year is a family celebration, because all the relatives gather around the table to see off the old year, wishing all bad to be left, and the New Year to bring only good things and waiting for midnight. At midnight comes the new year and all congratulate each other after its arrival, and on city streets one could hear laughter and see the fireworks.

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There is another interesting feature of New Year celebrations in Ukraine, it is connected with the fact that Peter I shifted its date. So far, 13 January is still celebrated by people of Ukraine, but it is called old New Year. Old New Year - a rare historical phenomenon and an additional holiday for the Ukrainian people. It is celebrated though with smaller celebrations, but with the ancient Slavic traditions. It is significant that on this day, according to ancient traditions, boys and girls should go into the house - to change into different costumes and masks, sing holiday songs. For that the owners should give them gifts. That evening after dinner it is necessarily to go to the neighbors and to apologize for the possible guilt to each other, to meet the New Year in peace and harmony.

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By pupils of 8-W form
Didkivska Olga
Khudobcuk Yana