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Coat of Arms
Commonwealth of Australia

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Canberra is the capital city of Australia

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Exploration of what was then New Holland by Europeans until 1812
Portrait of Captain James Cook, the first European to map the eastern coastline of Australia in 1770.

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Location and Geography
Climatic zones in Australia
Topographic map of Australia

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Parliament House, Canberra was opened in 1988
Government House, Canberra, also known as "Yarralumla", is the official residence of the Governor-General.

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Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia
Queen Elizabeth II
Governor-General of Australia

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States and territories
Australia has six states:
- New South Wales (NSW),
Queensland (QLD),
South Australia (SA),
Tasmania (TAS),
Victoria (VIC) ,
Western Australia (WA)
and two major mainland territories:
the Australian Capital Territory (ACT),
the Northern Territory (NT).

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People and Society
- 23,671,000

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Ethnic groups:
white - 92%, Asian - 7%, aboriginal and other - 1%

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Religion In Australia: Statistics

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St Mary's Catholic Cathedral, Sydney, built to a design by William Wardell. About a quarter of Australians are Roman Catholic.

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Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia.

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