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Pros and cons of studying abroad

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Very good education. For these diplomas practically any foreign educational institution recognized by employers all over the world.

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Very rich and interesting life during the learning process.

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Moving abroad will quickly adjust to independent living

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Democratic education organization that provides a lot of literature, free Internet access, international travel and contacts, and so on

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In addition to the mandatory curriculum and foreign language, will be able to learn another culture, to play in the tradition and know the mentality sometimes very polar nations.

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The ability to engage in research activities, increased number of teaching hours for practical training, the famous European institutions.

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Many paper hassle associated with moving to another country - documents, visa, registration, health insurance, etc.

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Pretty high cost of education, particularly for students of Russia and Ukraine. Plus relatively high cost of living expenses.

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You must have this or another language at a sufficient level. It is in this case a student can learn. But first, have such knowledge is not all, so you need to work on yourself.

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Very far away from home

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By 2025, as indicated by the Institute of International Education, study away from home will be about 8 million people with young