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Healthy lifestyle

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The health of a person is the main value in the life. A healthy way of life is very fashionable nowadays. But it is not only popular; it is also useful for our organism!http://english-exam.ru/konkursy-sochinenii/4-i-konkurs/zdorovyi-obraz-zhizni-3642-3697.html#ixzz3EXGE3Mjb

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It is important to avoid bad habits: 
Аlcohol misuse
Drug abuse

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We live in the era of fast food culture:

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Nowadays people often face the problem of obesity. This problem has already captured many countries.
1.Mexico - 32,8%
2.USA – 31,8 %
3. Syria – 31,6%
4. Venezuela and Libya – 30,8%
5 .Trinidad and Tobago - 30%http://english-exam.ru/konkursy-sochinenii/3-i-konkurs/sochinenie-0804-b-problema-ozhirenija.html#ixzz3EXUo4u9L

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Bad habits and a healthy lifestyle are incompatible.http://english-exam.ru/konkursy-sochinenii/4-i-konkurs/zdorovyi-obraz-zhizni-3642-3697.html#ixzz3EXcVlgBp

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How can we lead a healthy way of life?
Healthy Food
Walks on fresh air
Sound sleep

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Steps to a healthy lifestyle:
1. Get active for an hour or more each day.
2.Choose water as a drink.
3.Eat more fruit and vegetables.
4.Turn off the TV or computer and get active.
5. Eat fever and select healthier alternatives

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Make Your Choice:

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