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Environmental pollution Ukraine
Ann Prokopenko

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Water - a life!
In nature, water plays an important role, it is of great importance in human life!

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The main factors of water pollution:
• Wastewater
• Household and domestic waste
• Radioactive substances
• Thermal pollution
• Lack of sustained water pressure

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It can not see or feel, but without it man can not live and 5 minutes.

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Sources of air pollution
Atmospheric air is polluted by various gases, particles and liquids that adversely affect living things, worsening conditions of their existence.

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Forest - our wealth
Forest - the most important component of the biosphere, its light and power base! 1 g forest vydilyaye 3-4 tons of oxygen absorbed i 4.5 tons of carbon dioxide capable vidfiltruvaty 50- 70 tons of dust.

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Cutting down the forest! Forest welcomes all who seek it rest, but he himself needed help from selfless uncontrolled felling!

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RUBBISHDespite the tendency of a decrease in waste production in the country, the process of accumulation of different types of waste.

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24% of all diseases in the world emerge and develop due to poor environmental conditions. And in children is associated with that 33% of all cases!

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Conclusion (what should be done?)
 - Plantation forests and parks
- Improving the quality of fuel
- Ban of leaded gasoline
- Low-waste and non-waste production
 - Installation of additional filters and water treatment
- The use of circulating water system and biological treatment of wastewater;
- The use of diesel fuel and replacing coal biofuels.