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Youth Organizations in Ukraine 

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The youth movement have become an important factor in the life of our state.

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Youth are the future of each nation, of each country.

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Unfortunately, some of young people prefer surfing the Internet or do nothing.

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Different youth organizations unite young people of different towns in Ukraine.

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There are some youth organizations. For example The Young Motherland, the Students Brotherhood, The independent Ukrainian Youth League, The Young Regions.

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The most popular organizations is the Students Brotherhood. It unites students from all parts of Ukraine.

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The Plast National Scout Organization of Ukraine is the largest Scouting organization in Ukraine.Their purpose is to promote patriotic education and self-developing of Ukrainian Youth.

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The School of Young Mayor
It is an organization in Kharkiv which learn our students how to be a leader everywhere, especially in the social life.

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SIFE - an international organization that brings together 57,000 students from 39 countries. For business support SIFE students create real projects in the community.

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