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Ivan Karpenko-Kary
A remarkable Ukrainian writer, playwright, actor of the 19th century.
(Real name - Ivan Karpovich Tobilevych)

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Ivan Tobilevych was born in the village Arsenivka.
His father came from an old noble family and his mother was a simple peasant.

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Ivan Karpenko-Kary - the largest figure in Ukrainian drama. A talented playwright enriched the literature works of various genres - socio-psychological drama, social comedy, historical drama.

Слайд #4
He made ​​a great contribution to the development of
Ukrainian theater, but left only eighteen plays:
Unlucky (1884)
Hireling (1885)
Money (1889)
Bondarivna (1884)
Burlaka (1883)
Sueta (1903)
Handzya (1902) and
many others.

Слайд #5
A new phenomenon in Ukrainian drama was a comedy "Martin Borulya."

Слайд #6
A new step in the creative growth began to play "A hundred thousand."

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"The scene - my idol, theater - a sacred temple for me!"
(Ivan Karpenko-Kary)

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"He was one of the parents ukrainian theater, prominent actor and great playwright, who has no equal "- wrote about him I. Franco.

Слайд #9
In my opinion, Karpenko-Kary occupies the most prominent place in Ukrainian classical drama. He is rightly called the founder of the social drama.