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Ivan KonstantinovichAivazovsky(1817-1900)

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Portrait I.Ayvazovsky(1841)

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17 (29) July 1817 a priest of the Armenian Church in Theodosia recorded that Konstantin (Gevork) Gayvazovskogo Hripsime and his wife was born "Hovhannes, son Gevorg Aivazian".
Ivan Aivazovsky childhood found artistic and musical abilities, and in particular, he taught himself to play the violin.

Слайд #4
Theodosia architect J. H. Koch, the first to draw attention to the boy's artistic ability, gave him his first lessons and skills..
After the end of Feodosia district school, he was enrolled in the Simferopol gymnasium.
Then he was accepted at public expense at the Academy of Fine Arts of St. Petersburg

Слайд #5
In 1835, for the landscapes of "View of the beach in the vicinity of St. Petersburg" and "Study of air over the Sea" won the silver medal.
Learning from Tanner, Aivazovsky, despite the ban last work independently, continued to paint landscapes and exhibited five paintings at the autumn exhibition of the Academy of Arts in 1836.Aivazovsky's work received benevolent critics. 
In September 1837 Aivazovsky received a gold medal for his painting "Calm".

Слайд #6
In 1844, he became a painter of the Naval Staff and from 1847 - professor of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts.         
Ivan Aivazovsky wrote mostly seascapes, created a series of portraits of Crimean the coastal cities. His career has been very successful. He was awarded many honors and received the rank of Admiral. In total, the artist painted more than 6000 works.

Слайд #7
Tenth wave (Девятый вал )

Слайд #8
View of St. Petersburg (Вид Петербурга)

Слайд #9
Moonlit night in the Crimea (Лунная ночь в Крыму)

Слайд #10
Meeting Brig Mercury with the Russian squadron

Слайд #11
Storm (Шторм)

Слайд #12
Black Sea(Чёрное море)

Слайд #13
Fishermen on the beach(Рыбаки на берегу моря)

Слайд #14
Storm in the Night(Шторм в ночи)

Слайд #15
farewell  Pushkinthe sea
с морем )

Слайд #16
The Battle(Чесменский бой)

Слайд #17
Sea. Koktebel (Море. Коктебель)