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Las Vegas (Nev.) - A city in the south-western part of the United States and the largest city in the state of Nevada (Nevada). Las Vegas is an internationally recognized center for entertainment and recreation, it is an unofficial capital of the world of gambling
The panorama of the city

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Gambling was offically allowed in May19, 1931

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Revenue from hotels (including most of the world's largest), gambling, entertainment, and other tourist-oriented industries forms the backbone of the economy.

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The Stripis a main street in Las Vegas

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McCarron International Airport

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Luxor (Casino and Hotel)

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Real silhouettes of the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower

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Fremont Street Experience
Most of the major casinos are concentrated in the center of the pedestrian zone - Fremont Street Experience

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Glitter Gulch
Glitter Gulch is a world famous area of night clubs

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Fremont Street
Fremont Street is a heart of Las Vegas. Everything here has its initial experience

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Hotel Bellagio
Dancing Fountains Bellagio are estimated at $ 40 million

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Volcano erupts fire and lava flows every 15 minutes

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You can also get married in L.V. The wedding ceremonies are fast and cheap

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the Grand Canyon

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The Death Valley
… is famous for its moving stones

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Zion National Park

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The end

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