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Kyiv National Linguistic University

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Kyiv National Linguistic University is a higher education institution in Kiev, Ukraine. It was founded in 1948 as Kiev State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages. It has the status of autonomous institutions. In common parlance it's called "In'Yaz" which means "foreign languages."

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Until 2013 there were 10 faculties and 2 institutes into which the university was divided:

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The University promotes the exchange of students, postgraduate students, professors and teachers. It encourages participation in international meetings, linguistic and educational programmes, cultural events, conferences.

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46 higher educational institutions / organizations in Europe, the Middle and Far East and North America are partners of KNLU. The largest number of international contacts is established with the universities of the Republic of Korea (7), France (7), Germany (4), Russia (9), and China (5).
KNLU cooperates with foreign embassies, international organizations, centers and foundations.

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Institute of Oriental Languages which exists on the basis of KNLU is the leader of student's mobility programmes implementing. Each year it receives foreign and sends Ukrainian students to study in Japan, Korea, China etc..

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Kyiv National Linguistic University is one of the leading Ukrainian centers of philological training and translation where over 20 foreign languages are taught.

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Campuses and buildings
KNLU has 3 educational facilities where classes are held, 4 student dormitories, a computerized library with more than 1 million books in storage, 10 computer classes for 300 students, a modern sports center, a student cafeteria and various buffets.

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