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Welcome to tourist agency

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To travel in fairy tale

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Economy package:
7 days
Meal 2 times for day
Hotel 4*
Air tickets 100$ (separate payment)

Слайд #5
1,2,3 and 4 place in the room + living room with fireplace
+ free rental sleigh

Слайд #6
If you are travelling with child under 12 years, your child receives a free ticket to the residence of Santa. You buy ticket for 5$
Special offer

Слайд #7
Deluxe package:
10 days
All- inclusive
Accommodation 5*+
All meals and drinks (from a set menu)
A detailed itinerary

Слайд #8
Comfort hotels

Слайд #9
Delicious food

Слайд #10
Huge water-park

Слайд #11
The best vine
Skiing trips
Meeting with Santa
Informative excursions
Walk on sleigh with reindeer
Visit to arctic zoo
Participation in Christmas tale
And other….