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Вигляд центральної частини США з космосу
Підготував Венцеславський Данило

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The territory of USA:
Central part
(In1959 became the 50th state of the USA)
(Bought by USA in 1867)
Capital - Washington
The area of the country – 9.4 million sq.km.
Population – 280 million people
Politics – Republic
The political system – federation,
50 states and the Federal District Colombia
Basic information about the country:

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Currency – U.S. dollar

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State symbols of USA
13 white and red stripes symbolize the 13 states that formed the nation.
50 stars represent the number of states
Approved in 1782.
Pictured bald eagle with outstretched wings, which holds in paws an olive branch with 13 leaves and 13 oils and 13 arrows.
It symbolizes peace and war, "U.S. seeks peace but always ready for war."
Coat of arms

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U.S. Presidents
The first –
George Washington
In 1789 he was elected the first President of the United States and served in that post until 1797.
44th - Barack Obama
In the elections of November 4, 2008 defeated Republican candidate John McCain and 20 January 2009 became the first-ever black president of USA.

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Today, U.S. forces are among the largest in the world.
U.S. military budget for 2010 amounted to 668 billion U.S. dollars.
U.S. forces include the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.
As of April 2007,1,426,700 men served in regular units of the armed forces and1,458,500 people in reserve units.

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The major rivers are:
Rio Grande
Climate of the USA
The climate of continental United States is predominantly temperate mild, in Hawaii with the highest rainfall in the world and in Alaska - a stern and cold with permanent snow cover.

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Washington – the capital of the USA
Capitol - House of Congress, the highest legislative body of the country
White House - the residence of the U.S. President in Washington, DC
Area - 180 sq. m. kmPopulation - 582,049 people (2005) (with suburbs outside the District of Columbia - more than 5 million).
In Washington, U.S. President's residence contained (White House), Congress, Supreme Court, State Department, Department of Defense (Pentagon) and other government agencies.

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The largest city. New York
Located at the mouth of the Hudson River, on the Atlantic coast.
Population: 7.3 million inhabitants.
United Nations Headquarters, commercial and financial center of the world
(New York Stock Exchange)

Broadway - the longest street of New York City (25 km.) Here are the world-famous theaters
The building of the UN headquarters, opened in 1950
Empire State Building up 102 floors, 381 meters (448 meters with antenna).

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Statue of Liberty – the symbol of independence
Goddess of Liberty holding a torch in her right hand and the left side plate. The inscription on the plate indicating "July 4, 1776", the date of signing of the Declaration of Independence. One leg of the Statue is on the broken shackles.
Height from ground to the tip of the torch - 93 meters Height of the statue from the pedestal to the top of the torch - 46.

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The largest city. Chicago
City in illinois, located on the shore of Lake Michigan, the second largest in the United States, an important industrial, commercial and cultural center of the Midwest.
Population: 3 million in the city, 9.7 million - in the metropolitan area
Business Center. Chicago
Ukrainian Church in Chicago
Lake Michigan and Chicago from space

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The largest city. Los-Angeles
Urban agglomeration and port in southwestern California.
Population: 3.5 million., With the suburbs - 14.5 million
Landmarks: Hollywood, the center of the film industry in1911, Disneyland, Museum of Art - John Paul Getty.
Avenue of Stars in Hollywood
Center of Los Angeles

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In the USA, celebrating more than 50 significant dates
of historical and religious character. National holidays:January 1 - New Year;February 22 - Birthday of George Washington;4th of July - Independence Day;November 11 - Veterans Day (Day of Reconciliation)December 25 - Christmas Day.
National (federal) holidays are also Labor Day, which is
celebrated on the first Monday in September,
Thanksgiving Day, celebrated on the fourth Thursday
of November.

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Traditional dishes of Americans on Thanksgiving - turkey and pumpkin pie
Thanksgiving day
In New York is a grand parade in honor of Thanksgiving, which organizes the largest department store in the world "Macy"
In the far 1621 the first settlers of Plymouth Colony invited to share lunch Indians who helped them survive in unfamiliar conditions. Since this year and is celebrated Thanksgiving

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Sights of nature. Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon, or Grand Canyon of Colorado - Canyon, located in northwest Arizona on the Colorado Plateau in the middle reaches of the Colorado River.
Length canyon 446 km, depth - up to 1600 m in width at the surface of the plateau 8 - 25 km, near the bottom - less than 1 km (in some areas - up to 120 m).
Within the canyon of the Colorado River flowing at a speed of 25 km / h.

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Sights of nature. Niagara falls
Niagara Falls - the most powerful waterfall in North America. Located on the Niagara River that connects Lake Erie and Ontario. Height of the waterfall - 53 meters

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Sights of nature. Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park - located in the northwest of the U.S. Rocky Mountains. Area of ​​898.3 hectares.Founded in 1872, the oldest in the U.S..The largest cluster of geysers and hot springs (more than 3000, including Ekselsior geyser jet with height up to 90 m)

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