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Olga Novik
Form 10-B
United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain.
The UK consists of : England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Слайд #3
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is situated off the north – west coast of Europe between the Atlantic Ocean in the north – west and the North Sea in the east.
The United Kingdom has an area of 244.000 square kilometers (94.249 square miles). The capital of the country is London.
English is an official language.

Слайд #4
The United Kingdom has a temperate climate, with plentiful rainfall all year round.
The temperature varies with the seasons seldom dropping below −11 °C or rising above 35 °C .
Atlantic currents, warmed by the Gulf Stream, bring mild winters; especially in the west where winters are wet and even more so over high ground.
Summers are warmest in the south-east of England, being closest to the European mainland, and coolest in the north.

Слайд #5
England – Thames
The longest river in the United Kingdom:
Scotland - Tay

Слайд #6
Northern Ireland - Bunn
Wales - Towy

Слайд #7
Northern Ireland - Lough Neagh
The largest lakes in the UK:
Scotland - Loch Lomond

Слайд #8
England - Windermere
Wales - Bala Lake

Слайд #9
Scotland - Ben Nevis
The highest point in the United Kingdom:
Wales - Snowdon

Слайд #10
England - Skayfel Pike
Northern Ireland - Draining Donard

Слайд #11
Scotland - Grampians Kairgorm, Scottish Highlands, Southern Uplands
Ridges and hills:
Wales - Cambrian Mountains, Snowdonia

Слайд #12
England - Brecon Beacons, Exmoor, Lake District, Pennines
Northern Ireland - Mourne, the Antrim Plateau