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Слайд #1
The World Wide Web
учениця групи ОС-6-13
Руденко Софі-Мері

Слайд #2
Network - system of the interconnected computers
The World Wide Web - this is the system (network) of documents, connected together with hyper-references.

Слайд #3
Web - page
this is each various document
the having its own address.
It can contain the most different the information:

Слайд #4
Web - server
this is computer,
on which it works
the server- program

Слайд #5
Web - site
this is the totality of those interconnected pages.
Web- site is organized on
the Web- server of
the provider net services.

Слайд #6
Web - browser
this is the client- program WWW.
Word «browser» - the reviewer.
Programs of this type:
Netscape Navigator
the company Netscape
Internet Explorer
the company Microsoft.

Слайд #7
Protocol HTTP
this is the protocol, which is used by the service WWW (HiperText Transfer
Protocol - the protocol of
the transfer the hyper-text).
working the hyper-references;
the search for the documents;
the transfer of documents to the client.

Слайд #8
Structural constituting
Web- page Web-site
HTML-file URL-address Owner of site Main page
Technology is “client - server” it realizes through Web - server, Web - client, protocol НТТР
Web – browser –
client- program WWW

Слайд #9
- is a key word or in a document, which is associated with pointer to move to another page in the "web".
The text, which uses hyperlinks, called hypertext.