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Summer holiday
pupil 8 class
Pavlukovska Oksana

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Let me start with summer holidays. Pupils have summer holidays that are three months long. Children don't have to get up early. There is no homework to do and lessons to learn. That's why they like summer holidays.

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I like summer holidays because I have a lot of free time. In summer my friends and I often go swimming and boating there. There is a lot of fish in the lake, so I sometimes go fishing. When it is very hot I usually go to the forest. The air is cool there. I like to walk in the shade1 of trees and pick mushrooms and berries. I like to go to the beach2 in the morning when it is not too hot. I swim, sunbathe, and play with my friends on the bank of the river. I always help my grandmother to work in the kitchen garden or to look after chickens.
My summer holiday

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10 cause why I love summer holiday

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1. Warm weather

Слайд #6
2. Bathing season

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3. Holiday Ivana Kupayla

Слайд #8
4. Transparent river

Слайд #9
5. Fair sun

Слайд #10
6. Walk forest

Слайд #11
7. Endless sky

Слайд #12
8. Short and mild night

Слайд #13
9. Beautiful flowers

Слайд #14
10. Gathering berry

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But unfortunately time flies quickly on holidays and soon it's time to go to school again.

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The end