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About: Rules of the disaster

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To disaster events that are possible in Ukraine include: earthquakes, floods (floods pidtop-ing; catastrophic flooding), mudslides, landslides, strong winds (hurricane, tornado), snowfall, storm, storms and other natural phenomena that usually occur suddenly. They can also be attributed fires, especially forest and peat. They violate the normal life of people, destroy and destroy wealth, and sometimes lead to death.On the threat of disaster populations notified via wire broadcasting (through the apartment and external speakers), as well as through local radio stations, television and, if time allows, through the medium of print. The information indicates the nature of extreme events, its scope, time of occurrence and the possible consequences, and recommended what to do before and during a disaster.Every citizen who will be in the area of ​​natural disaster, must exercise self-control, personality by example manifest impact on others, and if necessary put an end to cases of robberies, looting and other violations of law.After giving first aid to family members, others and yourself, a citizen should participate in the aftermath of the disaster, to use for the personal transportation, tools, medicines, bandages etc.

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Earthquakes - tremors and vibrations of the earth's surface arising from sudden shifts and breaks in the crust or upper mantle, which are transmitted over long distances in the form of elastic waves.Earthquakes are always called in different people mental disorder that is manifested in the correct behavior. Following the acute motor response often occurs with depression in general motor inhibition. Consequently, as the statistics show, most of the injuries among the population due to the actions of unconscious victims, caused panic and fear as.Alert earthquake impossible, but in the case of opposition-vischennya the threat of an earthquake or the appearance of its features should act quickly but calmly, confidently and without panic.Stay alerted about the threat of earthquakes before they leave the apartment (house), you must turn off the heaters and gas if topylasya oven - to extinguish it, and then be put on children, the elderly, dress himself, take the necessary goods, supply of food, medicines , and exit to the street. The street should be as fast as possible away from the buildings in the area, wide streets, parks, playgrounds, undeveloped land, strictly adhering to the established social order.If the earthquake began abruptly when come and go from the apartment (house) is impossible to take place (stand) in a door or window opening, only blows first earthquake aftershocks - quickly go outside.In the future, should act in accordance with circumstance-novkoyu The prevailing fulfill all orders bodies of management of emergencies and civil protection of the population.

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Hurricane (tornado, thunderstorm, rainstorm):
Hurricane - a wind of great destructive force and a significant three-valosti speed is 33 m / s or more.Tornado - a rising vortex of air that quickly chief nated that looks like dark pole with a diameter of several tens to hundreds of meters of vertical, sometimes curved axis of rotation.Chance - this atmospheric phenomenon, due to the development of powerful Cumulonimbus clouds, accompanied with zhuyetsya repeated electrical discharges between clouds and the earth's surface, sound effects, heavy precipitation, often with hail.Rain - intermittent precipitation great intensity.On receipt storm warning should immediately resort to conduct preventive work: strengthen not quite lasting design, shut the door, the room in the attic, skylights, vents. Large windows and showcases to upholster boards. Window glass seal strips of paper or cloth, and if possible, removed. Doors and windows on the leeward side exposed to balance the internal pressure in the building. On the roof, ball-Laws, loggias remove items that a fall could cause injury to people.If possible and necessary, turn off utility power network, open auxiliary lights to pass water. With lightweight construction people translate into stronger building or shelter in the defenses DPP.Stop outdoor use. Arm yourself with electric lamps, kerosene lamps, candles. Consider creating water supplies for 2-3 days, prepare derivative tiles hasivky, coercion. Do not forget to stock up on food Har vigil and medicines, especially dressing mate-rials, radios and televisions to keep permanently enabled.While in the house, you should beware of shrapnel wounds glass that shatters. To do this, move away from windows and get up close to the piers. Can be used as solid-ing furniture. The safest place is the repository CO, basements or interior rooms first floor brick and stone houses. You can not go out immediately after the weakening of the wind, so that in a few minutes gust could happen again. If it is still necessary, should stay away from buildings, high fences, posts, trees, masts, poles, wires.Do not be on the overpasses, approach the storage of flammable or highly toxic substances.Remember that more often in such circumstances, people suffer injuries from broken glass, slate, tile, roofing iron ripped off road signs on the detail finishes facades and cornices, of items stored on balconies and loggias.If a hurricane (tornado) you found in open areas, better than all hide in the ditch, pit, ravine, any seizure: lie on the bottom of the recess and pull tight to the ground. Be in the damaged building is dangerous: it can collapse under the pressure of new wind.Especially be careful of broken electrical wires: do not exclude the possibility that they are under stress.Hurricane (tornado) may be accompanied by thunder (bu-Ray). Uhylyaytes from situations in which increases the probability of lightning: not ukryvaytesya under trees, standing alone, do not come to the power lines, etc.The main condition - not to panic. Act wisely and consciously refrain from the foolish actions, assist victims.

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1.5. Flooding (flood, flooding, catastrophic flooding):
When you receive a warning about the threat of flooding as a result of exit channels of large and small rivers or due to destruction of dams and reservoirs of catastrophic flooding should follow established procedures without delay go to safe and improved scheniem place. When rescue-essary to display restraint and composure, strictly adhere to you, Natalya rescuers. Do not overfill rescue vehicles (boats, rafts, etc.), because it threatens the safety of rescuers and those subject to salvage. Once in the water, you should reset itself with heavy clothes and shoes, look around floating or elevated above the water objects, use them to help. If you have time, it is necessary to take measures to ryatuvan-tion of property and wealth: move them to safe places, and thus occupy the upper floors (loft) rooftops.With enough time flood warning carries-sterile preparations for and conduct of Advance Eva-vice, evacuation of population and farm animals, the export of wealth from areas of possible over-melting, as announced special instruction lost Jenny local administrations. The population of the launch and order evacuation opovischayetsya using local radio broadcasting networks and television, through the administration entities. Population bal-domlyayutsya place deployment teams evacuation points, time of arrival at these points, routes during the evacuation on foot, as well as other information that relate to the local environment, the anticipated magnitude of the event, sometimes it biases. If there is sufficient time, the population of the dangerous areas are evacuated, along with the property. To this end, each family is car or other trans-port indicating its filing.In case of sudden flood warning people carried all available technical means shrouded-tion, among them - speaker and mobile settings. The suddenness of the flood necessitates specific actions and behaviors of the population.If people living in the village, watching water rise on the first floor or other floors and on the street, you must leave the apartment, to rise to the upper floors, if the one-story house - take a room in the attic. When staying at work according to the order of administration entity shall, to comply installed on-line, take a higher place. While in the field, the sudden flooding should take place increasing or wood, use various floating means that you have at hand and build them with logs, boards, truck steadily chambers, barrels, cans and other improvised the materials that are lighter than water .

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