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Recipe of Pizza
1) 200 g of milk
2) 1 spoon of yeast
3) 1 spoon of sugar
4) 6 spoons of oil 0,5
5) spoon of table salt
6) meat, onion, fish
7) flour
8) souse

Слайд #2
From flour, milk, yeast, sugar, oil, salt and flour,- we are make a dough.

Слайд #3
Next we are make a form of pizza

Слайд #4
After this we should put our dough in oven for 15 minutes

Слайд #5
After this we must add all what we have in our freezer.
Potatoes, cheese, meat or sausages or vegetables or fish and young onion.

Слайд #6
For example:

Слайд #7
And at the last we should add souse.

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