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Scotland – is a part of great Britain. Its capital is Edinburgh; its emblem is a thistle.

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Scotland is the third part of the territory of the British Isles, its population is not very big.

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Scotland includes the Hebrides and the Orkney and Shetland Islands.

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Scotland is divided into three regions: the Highlands, the Lowlands, the Southern Uplands.

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The Highlands of Scotland

The Highlands of Scotland are among the oldest mountains in the world.

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The lakes of Scotland.
There are many lakes in Scotland. The best- known is Loch Ness people think a large monster lives.

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The sightseeing of Scotland.Edinburgh Castle.
Most of the population of Scotland is concentrated in the Lowlands. Here, on the Clyde, is Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city.

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Aberdeen is photo of a city one of the large cities of Scotland.

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Famous Scottish.
Edinburg is the cultural centre of Scotland with the names of George Gordon Byron, Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Burns and Arthur Conan Doyle.

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Edinburg Festival of Music and Drama.
Edinburg is a place of helding the world-famous Festival of music and drama. The first festival was in 1947.

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Scottish kilt.
The kilt is a relic of the time when the clan system existed in the Highlands. Everybody in the clan had the same family name, like MacDonald or MacGregor.

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Scottish bagpiper.
Bagpipe is a Scotland’s national instrument. The Scottish piper is wearing a kilt.