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Слайд #1
School of my dream

Слайд #2
First Dream
I would like to see in the 9th grade pupils studied only 5 subjects that they are needed.

Слайд #3
I would be happy if we could choose subjects.

Слайд #4
So I would reduce the burden for children.

Слайд #5
Second Dream
I would like that children do more exercise.

Слайд #6
I’d like when lessons of F.E to become more interesting.

Слайд #7
We only play in the schoolyard and do some exercises.

Слайд #8
I think that swimming lessons in summer and skiing in winter would be a good idea.

Слайд #9
Third Dream
I would also abolish school uniform.

Слайд #10
It also affects education.

Слайд #11
If the children is dressed in what they comfortably they will feel comfortable in the lessons.

Слайд #12
Fourth Dream
I would be happy if there were many delicious meals in the dining room.

Слайд #13
I want to keep children to choose food.

Слайд #14
Fifth Dream
is own lockers.

Слайд #15
The lockers are important and guarantee the safety of the pupils’ belongings.

Слайд #16
Sixth Dream
is a new large library.

Слайд #17
I want every student could find a book there.

Слайд #18
I hope that some changes will take place before I finish school.