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School of my dream
My name is Vlad. Im 14 years old. Im a pupil of a state secondary school. At the moment Im studying in the 5th form Gymnasiums 4 after Modest Levyzkyi.

Слайд #2
I'd like to tell you some information about school of my dream. I love my school in general,but there are much,that I don*t like.

Слайд #3
I*d demolish my school and build new, better, bigger,more beautiful and more modern school.

Слайд #4
I*d made repair in every classrooms and buy new modern equipment.

Слайд #5
I*d made:

Слайд #6
Big football pitch

Слайд #7
Deep swimming pool

Слайд #8
And gym

Слайд #9
i*d made big light corridors with comfortable soft furniture.

Слайд #10
i*d made big dinning room with tasty food.

Слайд #11
i*d cancel homework.

Слайд #12
i*cancel school uniform.

Слайд #13
Thank you for your attention!