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By pumpkins fat and witches lean,By coal black cats with eyes of green,By all the magic ever seen…I wish you luck this HALLOWEEN.

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Halloween around the world
As one of the world’s oldest holidays, Halloween is still celebrated today in many countries. In Austria some people will leave bread, water and a lit lamp on the table before retiring on Halloween night. Halloween celebrations in Canada began in the 1800s.

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Halloween is not celebrated in France in order to honor the dead ancestors. In Germany people put away their knives on halloween night because they do not want to risk harm befalling the returning spirits. Many families construct an altar in their home and decorate it with candy, flowers, photographs, fresh water and samples of the dead ancesors’ favourite foods and drinks.

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Symbols of Halloween

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Fearsome Faces
To make a good costume look even better, try painting your face to match!Only use face paints – not the ordinary paint that you use for pictures. Use bold strokes, strong colors and your imagination!

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Other popular symbols of this festival come in the form of the eerie costumes sported by the youngsters – the witches, ghosts, ghouls, warlocks, skeletons and vampires.

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Trick or Treat
Halloween is the holiday when the most candy is sold.

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