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My favouritемеаls

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Rесіре оf sаlad
Таkе 2 tомаtоs, 2 сuсuмbеr, a cabage a sweet paper, some lettuces and chees.
Wash them. Chop the vegetables. Put them into the bowl. Add some oil and soil. Mix them. Decorate it with leaves lettuces and chees.
Taste it!

Слайд #3
Rесіре оf pancakes
You`ll need:
150 grams of flour;
an egg;
300 ml of milk;
2 tablespoons of oil;
Sugar and lemons.
Mix the flour and the egg with a fork. Slowly mix in the milk and the oil. Put a little oil in the pan. Heat the pan. Pour in 2 tablespoons of mixture. Cook for about 90 seconds. Serve with a little sugar and lots of lemons juice and fruit.
Enjoy your pancakes!

Слайд #4
Fried potatoes
Таkе: potatoes, onion, sweet paper, tomatoes.
Peel potatoes, onion, sweet paper, tomatoes, slice them about a quarter of an inch thick. Dry them and fry in lard or dripping. Put potatoes and fry it about 15 minutes. Then put some onion and fry it about 30 minutes; a little salt and peeper. Take them up and serve with a little paper, tomatoes and sausages.
Enjoy your potatoes!