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The Liberal Democrats The Labour Party

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Nick Clegg
3 March 1988
Political ideology
Liberalism,Social liberalism,Social democracy,Environmentalism
International affiliation
Liberal International

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Was formed in the late 1980s from a union of the Liberals (who developed from the Whigs of the early nineteenth century) and the Social Democrats.
Policies has always been strongly emphasis the environment, believes in giving greater powers to local government and reform of the electoral system.
Voters from all classes, but more from the middle class.

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The online campaign is encouraging people to complain about adverts which portray unrealistic and unhealthy body images.
The campaign calls for an end to savage National Health Service cuts, for the Government to stop wasting billions of pounds of health spending and for local people to have more say over local health services.

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Nick Clegg
He attended Robinson College, Cambridge, after spending a gap year as a ski instructor in Austria and as an office junior in a Helsinki bank. At Cambridge, Clegg studied Archaeology and Anthropology. He was active in the student theatre, captain of the college tennis team, and campaigned for Survival International, protecting the rights of threatened indigenous peoples.

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With Professor Richard Grayson he wrote a book in 2002 about the importance of devolution in secondary education systems.
Provides good opportunities for older people to remain active beyond retirement.

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Gordon Brown
Democratic socialism,Social democracy, Trade Unionism
International affiliation
Socialist International
Official colours

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Was formed at beginning of the twentieth century from an alliance of trade s and intellectuals as the Labour Representative Committee.
In 1900 the Trades Union Congress co-operated with the Independent Labour Party to establish the Party, which was called the Labour Party.
Voters working class, plus a small middle-class intelligentsia.

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Banned testing cosmetics, toiletries, alcohol and tobacco on animals.
Banned fox hunting.
Opened 3,000 Sure Start Children’s centers, reaching two million children and their families.
900,000 pensioners have been lifted out of poverty since 1997.
Over 1,100 new schools have been built, rebuilt or refurbished.

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Gordon Brown
James Gordon Brown was born on 20 February 1951, Scotland.
Brown attended the University of Edinburgh, where he earned both an undergraduate degree and a doctorate in the study of history.

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The Prime Minister of the Great Britain since 2007.
Brown proposed some policy initiatives which he called 'The manifesto for change.‘ The manifesto included a clampdown on corruption and a new Ministerial Code, which set out clear standards of behaviour for ministers.

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