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Park of Great Britain

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-Area: 2170 sguare kilometres-North of Wales-Founded in 1951
One of the first three national parks of England.

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Snowdonia took its name from the hignest paint of Welsh mountains Snowdon.

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Agriculture is popular.
4 regions:The mortern part is the most popular tourists destination. -Minid-Maur -Snowdon massif -Glideray -Karneday

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Panorama Snowdon
Many tourists prefer to go back to Snowdon it self, but there are a lot of tourists on this mountain, the more that goes to the top of the funicular.

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Snowdonia has 2,381 km of public footpaths.

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The more that goes to the top of the funicular.

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The are some historical routes of railways: Festiniogskay, the Welsh uplands and Snowdon Mountain.Valuable dune systems.

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The forests of Snowdonia are a mixed type.The most common tree is the oak, birch, ash, hazel. It's the only in Britain where you can find the Snowdon lily.