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New Year in Our Country

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New Year is a great holiday in ourcountry.

Слайд #3
Everybody likes it very much.
It is especially loved by little children.

Слайд #4
People do not go to work on that day,
and children do not go to school.

Слайд #5
This holiday is considered to be a family holiday.

Слайд #6
It is usually celebrated at home
among the members of the family.

Слайд #7

People decorate their houses and
usually have a fir-tree which stands in
the corner
of the room.

Слайд #8
Those fir-trees are very beautiful.
The presents are usually put under
these trees.

Слайд #9
Our parents prepare to this holiday
They buy a New Year tree, decorate it,
buy a lot of tasty food and drinks.

Слайд #10
At twelve o’clock in the night people can see the president on TV which addressesthem with traditional words of congratulation.

Слайд #11
At this time people are sitting at the
their holiday dinner and
enjoy it in a good company.
Young people usually organize
a dance party and have a lot of fun.

Слайд #12
Some of them go out into the streets and the squares.

Слайд #13
The next day friends usually come to wish a Happy New Year to all the members of the family.

Слайд #14
The New Year of our life has begun.
Everyone hopes it will really be happy.

Слайд #15
Christmas in Great Britain

Слайд #16
For many British families Christmas is the most important holiday of the year.
It is a combination of the Christian celebration of the birth of Christ, and the traditional winter holidays.
On the Sunday before Christmas many churches hold a carol service
where special hymns are sung.

Слайд #17
Most families decorate their houses with coloured paper or holly, and they usually have a Christmas tree in the front room. It is decorated with coloured lights and beautiful toys.

Слайд #18
The most important and pleasant
Tradition of Christmas is the giving of
People wrap up their gifts and
leave them at the bottom of Christmas tree to be found on Christmas morning.

Слайд #19
Children leave long socks near their bed hoping that Father Christmas will come at night and bring them small presents, fruits and nuts. Children also write to Father Christmas letters and say what
presents they want to get.

Слайд #20
In the evening the family will sit down to a big turkey dinner followed by Christmas pudding.Then they may watch the Queen
on televisionas she delivers her traditional congratulations to the United Kingdom.