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My favourite website
Katya Kupko
Form 10 A

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My favorite site is www.couchsurfing.com

Слайд #3
This site was created in order to make world tourism more popular, convenient and cheap.

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Couchsurfing is a global community of 7 million people in more than 100,000 cities all over the world. Each of them can invite another person from community to visit his homeplace, native city or be invited somewhere, for example to visit boarding country. It is really interesting.

Слайд #5
Couchsurfing has began in 2004 as a small project by founders Casey Fenton, Daniel Hoffer, Sebastian Le Tuan and Leonardo Bassani da Silveira.
This group of students in Iceland had the idea, that people anywhere would want to share their homes with strangers (or, as they like to call them, friends you haven’t met yet ).

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People can use this programme only if they are under 18 years old.
Most of the users are the students - young, energetic people.
At the free time couchsurfers exchange the information and photos, communicate with each other and compare notes after their last traveling.

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With the help of this website you can:
Travel around the world
Meet new friends from many countries
Learn more about the culture of different countries
Practice in language

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Site pages
my home page

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I like this website because. It helps me to make friends all over the world but, unfortunately, I can use this program only from 18.

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And some directive by founders:

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Thank you!