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Passive Voice

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Games “Wonderland”

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Vorontsov Palace 

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Potemkin Stairs

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Trinity Cathedral

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Sviatohirsk Lavra

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Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet

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Andriyivskyy Descent

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Sofiyivsky Park

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Salt Cave

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Park lions “Taigan”

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Can you tell us about one of those places? Where you've ever been?

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(BE+ V3)
passive voice

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Is (not) + V3
Is (not)+being+V3
Has (not)+been+V3
Were (not)+V3

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Witch`s house
Witch`s house is an attraction of Odessa. It ____(build) in 20th century. According to one of the legends during it`s construction it occurred that there wasn`t enough money. And architects ____(decide )to combine two side walls together .So the house ____(begin) to resemble a triangle.

Слайд #21
Tunnel of Love
Tunnel of Love –this monument ____(made)__nature. It___ (located) near the village of Klevan, Rivne region. It’s a botanical phenomen : green tunnel in the forest ____ (create) __ thickets of trees and shrubs that intertwined and created the tunnel of arches form. It’s extends at 4 km from the village of Klevan to the village of Orrhev. There are many legends and myth about the tunnel. It’s very romantic place.

Слайд #22
Nevytsky Castle
Nevytsky Castle is near the village of Kamenitsya.The castle ___(build) in the early 12th century,towering over the Uzh river.It___(destroy)__ mongole-tatars,but in 13th -14th centuries it ___(restor).In 1644 the castle ___(capture)__ by warrior Raktson.Since then the castle _____(restor) and now we can see only the ruins of it.At present it is not visited.

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Kerch Volcanoes
They ___(create)__oil and gas mixing. Volcanoes ____ (located) on Kerch peninsula. There are more than 50 operating volcanoes , but they erupt filth, not lava. This filth is very therapeutic . People impose it on their bodies and relax.

Слайд #24
Mountain Mithridat
The mountain ___(call) in such a way to honour the king of Mithridates.He___(die) here during the struggle against the Romans.Mountain Mithridat is in the city Kerch.The hight of the mountain is 914 metres.If you want to climb the mountain,you have to go up 436 steps.

Слайд #25
Aktovsk Canyon
This canyon___ (create)__destructive force of water and wind. It___ (located) near Nikolaev region at the Mertvovod river. Aktovsk canyon is a unique complex of ecosystem and water . Some scientist say that it is a miniature of American Great Canyon. Every day many climbers and adventures meet here.

Слайд #26
Pripyat is an abandoned city in northern Ukraine near the border with Belarus.City___(made) on February 14 1974.There were about 75-78 thousand of people at that time,but when an accident ___(happen).All people ___(evacuate).At present the city___(visit) by people,because it has become a tourist attraction.

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Dovbush Rocks
This is a group of rocks of up to 80 meters hight. It___ (located) in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Dovbush rocks ___(create) __ nature many years . There are some pictures on the rocks . They __(do)__ local pagans long ago before Crist. Every day thousand of people come to western Ukraine to visit this beautiful place-Dovbush rocks.

Слайд #28
Genoese fortress
Genoese fortress ___(build) in the 14th century__ genoese.It is in Sudak.The fortress was almost 30 hectares.The conveniement location of the fortress and powerful fortifications

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Cinderella cave
 Cinderella cave - is a cave made of gypsum. It begins in Moldova , but biggest part of it ___(located) in Ukraine , Chernivtsi region. The length of it is about 92 km. There is flooded area in the cave (mainly the northern eastern parts of the cave) . It___ (call) Cinderella cave because there is a big monument of princes Cinderella.

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