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James Fenimore Cooper
15.09.1789 – 14.09.1851

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Birth: the 15th September 1789
Place of birth: US, Berlynhton, NJ
Place of study: Yale College
Wife: Frenchwoman Delaney
Children: Caroline Martha,Suzanne, Paul,Anne-Charlotte, Mary Frances
Number of novels: 33
Death: the 14th September 1851
in youth

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Historical: "Spy", "Bravo", "Hangman", "Two Admirals."
Marine: "Pilot", "Red Corsair", "Pirate"
Family Chronicle: “Devil finger ", “Surveyor", “Redskin"
Novels –pamphlets: "Monikiny"
Journalistic novels: "Home", "Home“
Pentalohiya “Leather Stocking”:"Pioneers" (1823), "The Last of the Mohicans" (1826), "Prairie" (1827), "Pathfinder" (1840), "St. John's Wort" (1841)

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Features of creativity F.Kuper- novelist:
stress - dramatic, rapid nature of stories;
adventurous intrigue;
the presence of elements of sentimentalism and melodrama;
a tendency to be too detailed and colored descriptions of architecture, household, clothing and customs;
contrasting their human qualities, beliefs, actions, feelings of the characters; praise the courage and mind free and effective natural man;
novelty themes, images, motifs;
availability of original American features introduction of local color;
detailed pictures of nature poetry.

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"Pioneers, or have origins Saskuihanny" "Pioneers" - the fourth part of the Leather Stocking Pentalog (Natty Bumppo) draws the tragic fate of the Indian people in America.

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Pictures for works of Mark Cooper, released in the USSR in 1989

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Monument is placed at the spot, where once stood the house of the writer in Cooperstown.