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I love Ukraine, very much
My dear, Ukraine, you are so beautiful!

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My country is the best and the most beautiful. That is what I will show you in presentation.

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Ukraine is a boundless field

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Are easy to combine different tastes and preferences. Visit the Carpathians you can both winter and summer, it depends on what kind of holiday you like.
Ukrainian Carpathian

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Is a place for those who prefer to lie in the sun and drinking cocktails. Also here you can visit historical places, swim on a boat.
Southern Crimean coast

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Khortitsa - the largest island on the Dnieper river, is located in the city of Zaporozhye. This is a historical place, inhabited by the Cossacks. Sich was a center of activity and control of all military Affairs, residence of all the chief officers who were at the head of grassroots Cossacks
Khortytsya and Cossacks

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And most importantly...

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In Ukraine live the most beautiful girl in the world

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When I am dead, bury meIn my beloved Ukraine,My tomb upon a grave mound highAmid the spreading plain,So that the fields, the boundless steppes,The Dnipro's plunging shoreMy eyes could see, my ears could hearThe mighty river roar.
T.G. Shevchenko

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