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Technology of the future

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Future Technologies

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The ships of the future
It is difficult to talk about what kinds of wars the future will bring, but one thing is certain: Robots will be involved in most battles. In fact, already involved. Last year, the unmanned aircraft (aircraft) flew 258,502 hours, compared with 27,201 in 2002.

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Transportation of the future
Transport in the future everyone imagines different ways - from the drop-like transparent modules were being borne by monorail, and to a portable missile. Many talk that Segway and the sedentary option - this is the future of transport but not agree with them gadget-maker unicycle eniCycle.

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Glasses of the future
Latest glasses iTVGoggles ITG-Vidix will be available to you 50 "screen, as well as they built an SD card slot for 32GB.

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Computer mouse of the future.
Toe Mouse - it's kind of a computer mouse, which is designed for people with upper limb defects. To use it, you just put it on the first two toes and do - the same as the normal mouse on a special mat.

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The newspaper of the future
10 years later, and maybe even less progressive people forget about paper newspapers - they will be replaced by electronic interactive sensor newspaper of the future. Their concept has already been submitted - The Page displays text, images, and is divided into the usual newspaper us columns. The Page is designed to combine the merits of print and online media. Thickness of this device with a sheet of plain paper. Despite the fact that it entered into a number of functions, it is as flexible as paper - it can be folded several times and put in your pocket or folder.

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Table of the future
Amusity - this is a new creation from the creator and Pepper Knuckles Music Blocks, Idan Arbel. This is a kind of multimedia coffee table. And all your music and video collection
will be on hand. You will
be able to play music,
videos, as well as find
information about
the artist.

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Thank you!The project has produced Grechanaya Julia