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«English Literature of the 14 century,main representatives and literary movements»
Composed by:Darina Goleyewa
Form :10-B
Teacher:Kosharna O.O.
Consultant: Dygal I.S.

Слайд #2
Characteristic of the literature of the 14th century

Слайд #3
The Middle English literature of the 14th is much more diversified than the previous Old English literature.

Слайд #4
A second and shorter alliterative vision poem, The Pearl, written in northwest England in about 1370.
Pearl, miniature from Cotton Nero A.x. The Dreamer stands on the other side of the stream from the Pearl-maiden.

Слайд #5
A third alliterative poem, supposedly by the same anonymous author who wrote The Pearl is Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Sir Gawain

Слайд #6
John Gower
Geoffrey Chaucer
William Langland
The most famous representatives:

Слайд #7
John Gower

Слайд #8
Geoffrey Chaucer

Слайд #9
William Langland

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Thank you for your attention