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Outstanding People
of Ukraine

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In the history of humanity there have always been people whose actions and ideas produced a great impact on the lives of other people.
They have made a great contribution to the science, culture, social life of this country.
That's why they are called outstanding

Слайд #3
The names of Taras Shevchenko, Lessya Ukrainka, Ivan Franko, Marko Vovchok and Grigoriy Skovoroda won
universal recognition.

Слайд #4
There's hardly a country in the world which doesn't have Taras Shevchenko's poems translated into its language.

Слайд #5
Gentle melodies and deep emotions of Lessya Ukrainka's verses are dear to poetry-lovers throughout the world.

Слайд #6
Ukraine has also given the world many outstanding scientists.

Слайд #7
Such names as Vernandskyi, Zabolotnyi, Bogomolets, Sklifosovskyi, Paton, Filatov are well-known all over the world.

Слайд #8
Nowadays modern Ukrainian scientists achieved great successes in the field of mathematics, physics, biology and

Слайд #9
Great contribution to the world's historical science was made by such prominent Ukrainian historians as Mykola
Grushevskyi, Mykhailo Dragomanov, DmytroYavornitskyi, Mykola Kostomarov.

Слайд #10
The Ukrainian national composer school is connected with the name of Mykola
Lysenko. M. Lysenko's operas "Taras Bulba", "Nataika Poltavka", "Eneida" are still staged at the world's opera houses.

Слайд #11
The Ukrainian fine art is represented by the names of Kostandi, Murashko, Borovikovskyi, Pimonenko.

Слайд #12
The Ukrainian culture always developed human traditions of the mankind.

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