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WATER POLLUTION: ugly rivers of dirty water, to pollute water with factory waste, polluted fish, dead rivers, to be concerned about the purity of water, waste of chemical plants.

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Water must be clear….
What is ecological problem caused by?

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LAND POLLUTION: dead land, lifeless arenas, to turn the land to a desert, forests are cut and burn in fire.

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AIR POLLUTION: fume from the chimneys, the release of harmful substances into the air, to be covered with soot and dirt, smog over the city, hard to breathe, unhealthy environment, smoke clouds

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Ecological situation.
Man’s interference In nature
Planet-wide problems
Environmental protection
Creating a system of ecological security
Cutting of the Vast forests
Acid rains
Global warming
Ozone depletion
Massive deforestation
Upsetting of oxygen balance
International organization Greenpeace
Poisoning of the world’s air, land, water
Industrial by-products
Chemical fertilizers and pesticides
Radioactive substances
Environmental protection agencies

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The earth is our home and we must protect it