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«The Planet Mars (Red planet)»

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The Mars.
The only planet similar to Earth
The first planet after Earth
Assumes the existence of life
There are alleged traces of ancient civilizations
Mars - the planet of mystery. This theme we liked, the goal of our project is to try to unravel them. We are interested in questions about the planet, about possible life on earth, past Mars as mysteriously as the future. With this project we want to draw attention to the most mysterious planet in the Solar system.

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The Structure Of Mars
The core of Mars to 9% of the mass of the planet.
Has a powerful bark thickness 100 km

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The Satellites Of Mars - Deimos

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The satellites of Mars - Phobos Grooves on the satellite

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The Topography Of Mars

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The chemical composition of the Martian surface

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The weather on Mars

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Mysteries Of Mars

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The "Face" Of Mars

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The Town Of Mars

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The Rivers Of Mars

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People have not yet been on Mars. They were sent back satellites, which photographed the surface of Mars. Thus, studying the planet. But in 2023 plans to send a group of people that they enlivened planet. Scientists believe that Mars is life. And they want to prove it.

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