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Natural disasters

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Tornado - monstrously narrow rotating column of air that extends from a thunderstorm cloud to the ground. As the wind is invisible, you can not always see a tornado. Visible sign - funnel consisting of water droplets, sometimes items throughout its existence tornadoes are not always in contact with the ground. Dust and debris in a rotating funnel also make a tornado visible and indicate the position of the tornado.

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Known fact:   Tornado - the most violent disaster.

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Volcanic eruption

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Eruption - process emissions volcano on the Earth's surface hot debris, ash outpouring of magma, which izlivshis on the surface, it becomes lava. Eruption may have a time period ranging from several hours to many years.

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Interesting fact: On Earth, about 1500 active volcanoes, not counting submarines. Of these, only 20-30 erupt each year.

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Earthquake - is any wobble in the Earth surface due to natural causes, among which the main role belongs to tectonic processes (mass transfer inside the Earth). It is a common phenomenon observed in many areas of continents and on the ocean floor.

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Interesting fact: In the main earthquakes happen because of geological problems, but sometimes they can be caused by landslides, explosions in mines, nuclear tests and volcanic activity.

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Flood - is significant flooding areas from rising water levels in the river, lake or sea during snowmelt, rainfall, wind surges, with traffic jams, ice jams, etc.

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Interesting fact: The annual damage to the world economy floods and other water-related disasters, ranging from 50 to 60 billion U.S. dollars.

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Ice - this dense layer of ice formed on the surface of the earth, sidewalks, roadway and on objects (trees, wires, etc.) when freezing of supercooled rain and drizzle (fog)

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Interesting facts: In terms of handling and stability of the car on the road is much more dangerous ice icy.