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Слайд #1
Marie Curie

Слайд #2
Early Years
Born November 7,1867 in Warsaw, the capital of Poland
Has 5 brothers and sisters
When Marie was nine her mom died from a disease

Слайд #3
School Years
Wanted a doctorate in physics
Had to make a scientific discovery
Discovered radium with Pierre
Earned her doctorate
Pierre and Marie were given a Noble Prize
Graduated from high school when she only was 15
Went to college in Paris, France
Got degree in physics and math
Got married to Pierre Curie

Слайд #4
The Dangers of Radium
Marie and Pierre were getting sick
Their fingers were burned and crackled
They had bad pains in their legs

Слайд #5
Working Alone
April 19, 1906 Pierre was hit by a horse drawn carriage
In 1909 Marie created a sample of true radium
In 1911 she won a noble prize
She was the very first person to win 2 Noble Prizes

Слайд #6
Final Years
Marie died on July 4, 1934
Died from a cancer called Leukemia
Scientists think too much radiation caused her sickness